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Thematic areas

Clinical and molecular research in neurogenerative diseases
Nutrition and organic spoilage
New therapeutic strategies in myotonic dystrophy
Strategies for preventing brain deterioration: innovation in early diagnosis in Alzheimer's disease. Biomarker Alz Tau
Theory of Neuroimmunomoludation
Neuroinflammation: the main culprit of Alzheimer's disease "
Innovative Approaches to Medical Research: Biological Basis of Human Aging
Geriatric sarcopenia: clinical consequences
Experiences and Innovation in dementias
The key senior research in the creation of the Spanish vaccine, against COVID-19
Aging and Neurodegeneration: A Deadly Couple
Dementia treatment
Positive mental health of residents in a rural context
Personalization in pharmacological treatment in the elderly: the contribution of pharmacogenetics
Effect of including a supplement in the diet of raisins, a food rich in polyphenols, on cognitive function in older people


Innovation in digital technologies as a disruptive opportunity to develop higher quality care and generate new business opportunities in the territory
Smart technologies for our residences


Loneliness as a public health problem
Digital technological innovation as quality of care
Preventive and therapeutic benefits of exercise in older people
Media and other support initiatives silver
Social networks as a tool to combat loneliness and an engine of activity
Innovative European business experiences in care of dependency
Caring for people in the early stages of dementia: using face-to-face and online support


Security. Legal protection of the elderly and disability
Disability and property registration


Aging and depopulation: challenges and opportunities
Digital transformation of seniors: intergenerational FinTech ecosystem.
Seniors in Spain 2021
The Silver Economy development in Europe and business experiences


Assembly of the Spanish Society of Psychogeriatrics
Psychosocial approach to improve social health in dementia: SIDECAR Project
Training in psychosocial interventions in Europe
HE programs to build psychoso-knowledge and best practices in dementia care
Living well with dementia